SECURING ASsets containing essential natural resources

A Pragmatic & Sustainable Approach to Water Investing

Water is essential for people, ecosystems, and businesses. Investors have historically overlooked the value of real estate with significant water rights, likely due to the complex nature of water-related investments. The water asset class's high fragmentation and esoteric characteristics create complexity. However, when approached methodically by a best-in-class team to perform extensive diligence with experienced management, investing in water may be a profitable endeavor while making a positive impact.

BAS Sustainable Future (BASSF) invests in land that is rich in water resources and presents a plethora of monetization elements. While many real estate investors are acquiring land near population centers, BASSF targets external assets in the high mountains of the Western US. Given that the SW United States is facing critical water shortages, BASSF recognizes the potential in these mountainous areas to extract value from an overlooked but necessary asset. BASSF is cognizant of the regulatory complexities that will undeniably affect this strategy and has engaged specialized legal + advisory professionals to navigate this dynamic, ever-changing landscape. A commitment to long-term environmental stewardship is applied throughout each project’s lifecycle.