affiliated Companies

Building a Better Future

BAS Mining Co. is the wholly-owned mining business of BAS Holdings with a focus on aggregate sand and gravel mining and the consolidation of the nationwide greystone granite industry.

BAS Solar is the wholly owned solar development business of BAS Holdings.

BAS Sustainable Future acquires large tracts of land in overlooked rural regions predominantly in the Rocky Mountains.

Red Oak Land Holdings, LLC acquires undeveloped large tract land parcels with the ability to complete solar development and construct and operate a solar facility.

Redwood Dev Co is a leading developer of workforce and affordable housing in South Florida.

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Redwood National Properties is the wholly-owned workforce housing business of BAS Holdings.

Redwood RE Management is focused on developing thousands of workforce housing units in the coming years to provide supply to a much-needed gap in the marketplace.

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Silver Maple Holdings acquires large land tract parcels for future mining or solar development.

Sol-Equity, through its private fund, invests in U.S. solar development projects in order to acquire solar investment tax credits.

SunRocket Capital is a private investment vehicle that provides construction and long-term debt financing to middle market solar developers across the U.S..

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